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Quality UTV accessories from Advance MCS Electronics with free 2-3 day shipping to most locations in the lower 48 states. Free 2-3 day shipping (USA) 877-349-5891

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   UTV Rock Light Mirrors

MCSADVENTURES Rock Light Side Mirrors (set) with switch, harness

MCSADVENTURES Rock Light Side Mirrors (set) with switch, harness

62640: MCSADVENTURES Rock Light Side Mirrors (set) with switch, harness
Part Number:PN: m62640


UPC: 840749128654

Quantity 1
Price $159.00
Off road UTV LED Side Mirror Set
Aluminum construction


Breakaway design folds in either direction
Integrated forward and down-firing rock lights
Mounts to ROUND tube cages 1.75" and 2.0" diameter
Operates on standard 12-14vdc
3 position lighted rocker switch and harness
Perfect for UTV, Jeep & Offroad Buggy applications

Looking for a heavy duty set of  side mirrors for your rig that won't break the bank? Do NOT confuse this mirror set with other ABS plastic mirrors .......this is a fully molded Aluminum housing and cage mount!!  We took it yet another step and integrated LED rock lights!

This mirror set was designed specifically with the off road trail rider and rock crawler in mind. There are many light pods and light bars on the market that fill the need for those that want massive amounts of blinding output beaming hundreds of feet in front of them.

The rock crawler or trail rider simply wants a respectable amount of light output in the very near and surrounding vicinity of their rig. For those, THIS was designed!

These rocklight mirrors put the light right where you need it. Specifically, the down-firing rock lights splash a flood of illumination directly in the area of and around the front tires. Running a slow trail or rock crawling? Simply flip these lights on and ride. Still more light output than you need? Turn off the forward lights and run only the down-firing rocklights. Off road night riding has never been more enjoyable as you can often times run these lights without the need for your headlights.  This gives a much more pleasant experience for you and the rider in front of you so as not to blind them with your high powered light bar.

Aluminum cast construction molded with sealed LED light cavities.  (dunk tested: fully submerged under water for 1 hour)

Separate wire for forward and down-firing lights giving full independent user control.

Specifications (each mirror)
Forward Light: 2250 Lumens,   0.83 amp draw
Rock Light:      1125 Lumens,    0.44 amp draw
Light output PER mirror:    3375 Lumens
Amp draw PER mirror:       1.25a
Total Light output for the pair:   6750 Lumens
Total amp draw for the pair:      2.5a

Heavy duty aluminum tube clamp style mounting with adjustable rotation to accommodate most straight or angled roll cages found on many side by side vehicles as well as Jeeps, Dune buggys, and custom rock crawlers. (note: designed to mount to round tube cages). Worried about your cage angle on your vertical? NO PROBLEM! Unlike some units, the roll bar mount has full 360 degree rotation with 20 settings spaced in small increments!! You can literally mount this on a horizontal tube if you wanted and still angle it perfectly! After installing your cage mount simply loosen the allen bolt on end of the mirror mount enough to provide some resistance but still able to click and rotate the fitting. Install assembly back onto the cage mount making sure to line up the groove then snug up the set screws. Now rotate mirror assembly to your desired position and once satisfied with the position, remove mirror and tighten allen bolt then re-install mirror. Fine tuning adjustments can then be made by gently moving the mirror lens itself.

(Fits industry standard round tube of 1.75" or 2" OD) If using with windshield, allow approx 3/8" clearance for clamp.

Includes 3-way illuminated (blue) Rocker switch with attached harness. Allows use of Rock lights only or all lights on.

Fits industry standard switch cutouts of .83 x 1.48

Simply feed the harness through your switch cutout and connect 3 color coded wires to mirror harness.

Route 3 power wires to your terminal strip and  connect:  12v+, 12v+ ign and 12v- (ground)


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