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Turn signal kit with optional 4way hazard and optional horn. Great for your UTV or Golf cart project.
Looking for a simple turn signal kit at a great price? We've got what you're after. Great for your UTV, golf cart, dune buggy or 4x4 project. Among other things, most states require turn signals and a horn to be street legal. This kit is easy to install for anyone with a basic understanding of 12v electrical systems.
Just 2 wires to connect from vehicle (only requires 12v+ ignition source and chassis ground).
Seriously, these 3/4" round LED lights are about as simple as it gets when mounting lights. Simply drill a 3/4" hole and push these little guys in. BAM! It's that easy! These little lights fit absolutely PERFECT on all 4 corners of a Polaris RZR and it will take less than a minute to mount all 4 of them.

Turn Signal Kit With Toggle Switch

3/4" Round LEDs (amber)

59757 Turn signal kit with 4 way flashers $49.00 out of stock
59755 + horn $58.95 out of stock
59714 + hardware $52.95 out of stock
59711 + horn
+ hardware
$60.00 out of stock
60941 + horn + hardware
2 red / 2 amber LEDs
$60.00 out of stock

Oval LEDs (amber)

60438 Turn signal kit $55.00 out of stock
60436 + horn $63.95 out of stock
60434 + hardware $59.95 out of stock
60431 + horn + hardware $73.00 out of stock

Economy Kits

62363 Turn signal kit $39.99 out of stock
62316 + horn + hardware $52.95 out of stock
62317 + horn + hardware + 4 way + wire $62.95 out of stock
60431 + horn + hardware $73.00 out of stock

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